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Our Purpose
MyPCMyway .info  is part of the Family sites of MyPCMyWay™.  This is a place to put information relating to our family of sites.

Dan and I have been married for over 20 years now!  Our family includes four children and two beautiful daughters-in-law.  Dan and I both hold Business Degrees from Louisiana State University of Shreveport (LSU-S).  Our Majors were in Accounting.  Dan has attended a semester at UT in pursuing his Masters Degree, and has spent the last twelve years working for a major computer manufacturer in Austin.  I spent the last ten years raising children and working on computers.  I have the experience of building a system from the box up. (my secret...Fry's and a LOT of PATIENCE!).  I have used both the Windows® and Linux Platforms.  I am VERY familiar with searching troubleshooting sources online.  I am also a Download junkie...I love themes, screensavers, icons (pretties as I call them), free games (and some paid for ones too!).  I have been downloading and burning to CD/DVD for about 10 years now and I really know some Great programs and places to download from.

We have been looking to start a Computer Consulting Business for some years now, but, the timing wasn't there.  In January of 2009, the opportunity to start MyPCMyWay™ presented itself, so, here we go!

We are just starting out, so the services listed on this site are merely a "sample" of what we hope to be able to offer.  Look around the "free" site and take the information offered here.  If you feel you need more support, we invite you to become a "Member" of our "subscription" site.

The subscription site (MyPCMyWay.biz) will include videos for popular "Open Source" installs; Customization links (themes, download sites, troubleshooting sites, icons, fonts, screensavers, Lita's favorites); Recommendations for some of the Best software programs to use; Tips from the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from the Computer Club of Austin (CCaustin.org); Our opinions on open source and free source software compared to closed source and proprietary software; other computer related information acquired from questions/comments from our group of members.

Dues are $15.00/month with no contract.   That is ONLY $.50/day to help create a central place for computer questions/answers!  Our Goal is to provide at least $15 in value each month.  We hope to provide this through our experiences with hardware/software, the information we collect from online research resources, other members, and from computer organizations in the Austin Area.

I have been offering "free" advice and services for my friends/teachers/neighbors for the past 10 years.  With my experience with computers, I would like to devote my "entire" day to providing "real" computer customer service; but, to be able to do this, I must charge a minimal amount so I can continue to help contribute financially to our household.  With my husband's layoff after 12 years with a Major Computer Manufacturer, it is necessary for us to charge to establish/maintain MyPCMyWay™.  We took the amount from Blizzard® because we had two subscriptions for our kids at one time and because we felt $15/month wasn't a burden for households using computers.

To visit the "Member's Only" site and help us build the largest online computer community dedicated to YOU getting the best performance from your computer(s), please click the link to MyPCMyWay.biz below and sign-up.  (You will need to have a Pay Pal account--as we grow and gain customers, we will look at offering Credit Card payments--right now, pay pal is handling our subscription fees--if we receive a significant inquiry about Credit Cards, we will look into offering them as a payment alternative.)  




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(MyPCMyWay.info is one of five sites registered by the owners of MyPCMyWay™.  The content provided here is basic computer support based on the owner's experiences and personal knowledge.  The support on MyPCMyWay.biz is subscription based and will include more detailed support features.  These services are limited tech support designed to help users maintain/troubleshoot/upgrade their own systems with recommendations from the site's owners and the community of other "members."  Other services, not initially covered by the limited support of the website (ie. local home visits), may be provided at additional costs to members.  If you find that you need a greater level of support than MyPCMyWay.com provides or you would like to help build an online network of member provided support, we invite you to go to MyPCMyWay.biz and become a paying subscriber!)

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